Do you want to reduce your supply chain planning cycle times and inventory levels? Do you want to automate your inventory replenishment? Do you know how a sudden reduction of supplier capacity impacts your customers’ demand? Do you know how a change in customers’ demand impacts your  downstream suppliers? Oracle® Collaborative Planning is an Internet-based collaboration solution that rapidly and significantly improves supply chain performance by providing advanced capabilities for collaborative demand, supply, and inventory planning across your virtual supply chain.

Today’s collaborative planning processes are often a collection of multiple disconnected processes. In most cases, limited collaboration with customers leads to low forecast accuracy; low visibility to customer forecasts and supplier commits leads to holding too much ‘just in case’ inventory, increasing inventory costs; 2nd-tier suppliers that deliver key components have no means to interact directly with you; and, indirect costs are high because of extensive expediting and inefficient communication. The entire process has little collaboration, requires multiple steps, and takes a long time. Oracle provides a better way to planning: a collaborative, holistic, e-business planning process that enables you to include all your trading partners, reduce the number of steps, and identify and react quickly to supply chain exceptions. 

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