Demand Forecasting

LookAhead- Demand/Sales Forecasting gives sales executives, leaders, and representatives the flexibility to manage an accurate and trusted sales forecast in any area of the business. Analyze forecasts at the geographic, opportunity, and product levels to understand the health of your sales organization. With the ability for sales leaders to collaborate week-over-week with their sales teams, the entire sales organization is held accountable to commit the numbers honestly—no more “sand baggers” or over-commits. Get precise insight into sales actuals and expected pipeline.

System Functions:
• Creates accurate forecasts
• Can create any type of organization hierarchy, geographical hierarchy, channel hierarchy
• Directly import historical data from excel file
• Can generate forecast as a batch process
• Adjust forecast to correct for out of stock, seasonality, recent trends and other causal factors
• Automatic best fit statistical model selection & user-defined selection
• Multi-dimension, multihierarchy and multi-level forecast aggregation
• Uses statistical time-series forecasting algorithms and state-of-the-art modeling techniques
• Basis for inventory productivity
• Maximize forecast accuracy by applying the appropriate forecasting method to observed or predicted selling patterns.

• Provides an accurate and trusted sales forecast (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
• Focuses the sales team on high-revenue, high-profit sales pipeline opportunities, resulting in improved win rates
• Enables improved decision-making based on a data-driven sales forecast and actionable insights
• Helps develop a sales forecast benchmark from historical sales performance, trends, and seasonality
• Reduces sales pipeline and forecast risks while aligning with sales quotas and revenue expectations
• Reduce cycle times and time spent planning territory coverage and setting quota assignments
• Increase revenues due to improvements in forecast accuracy for promotional and non-promotional items, as well as reduction in out of stocks.
• Reduce safety stock inventory and improve the flow of orders and inventory to meet predicted demand and actual sales.
• Reduced inventory
• Improved efficiency
• Improve forecast accuracy
• Enable best practices

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