Do you know what the most profitable balance is among customer service levels, budgets, and inventory cost? Do you know how much inventory to hold  where and over which time period? Are you able to account for your supply chain variability when determining your time phased safety stocks? Oracle® Inventory Optimization considers the demand, supply, constraints, and variability in your extended supply chain to optimize your inventory investment decisions. It enables you to provide higher service levels to your customers at significantly lower cost by applying inventory postponement recommendations, while simultaneously weighing the impacts on revenue, budgets, inventory policies, and sourcing

Today’s tough economic conditions, characterized by increased competition, short product life cycles, increased outsourcing, and increased demand uncertainty, make it more challenging to manage your inventory policies and decide where exactly to hold how much inventory. By taking into account the supply, demand, and lead time variability of your entire supply chain, Oracle Inventory Optimization enables you to more cost effectively balance revenue, cost, customer service levels, and inventory budgets while determining your inventory postponement strategy. Oracle Inventory Optimization leverages cutting-edge stochastic optimization and risk pooling techniques to determine the most optimal solution, yet it was designed For Planners Not Programmers, empowering your inventory analysts and planners to make decisions  intuitively and quickly.

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