Order Management System

LookAhead- Order Management service that helps you to manage your orders securely by using your mobile phone.

How it works?
• Salespersons can place orders on their mobile phones anywhere, anytime
• Customers can view their orders on the LookAhead-order management portal
• Salespersons and dealers are alerted when the orders are dispatched
• Hosted, cloud based service

System Functions:
• Dual mode operation- Can work in offline mode and then synchronize when connectivity is available either through Wi-Fi or cellular
• Dual mode synchronization- from mobile app to ERP or ERP to mobile
• Capture sales person’s order capture, multiple items in same sales order
• GUI optimized for fast entry- frequently both items by customer, most sold items, favorite list
• Update order quantity after saving
• Can see inventory information at warehouse
• Customer can also see when shipment will arrive
• Enter order in different UOM
• Integration to ERP through SOA

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