Does it take you too long to respond to critical business questions or events that occur throughout the day? For example, do you need to quickly respond to changing supply chain conditions? Can you respond to a request for a large important customer order instantly? Can you assess the impact of an unexpected reduction of supply to your customer demand before it becomes reality? Can you calculate the impact of an engineering change or production shortfall on your service levels? Oracle® Rapid Planning enables you to dramatically reduce your decision making time through real-time event driven planning and simulation.

Today’s dynamic and rapidly changing supply chain conditions require planning tools that quickly react to unexpected events such as a new ‘hot demand’ from an important customer, a product quality issue that needs to be addressed, a supplier yield bust, or a sudden product line breakdown. Oracle Rapid Planning leverages a fast, incremental planning engine combined with mass editing of source and planning data capability and a powerful productivity enhancing user interface to instantly assess the impacts of business changes without having to wait for your daily tactical plans to complete and your ERP to catch up.

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