Spares Forecasting

Gazelle’s spare parts planning solutions can facilitate each phase of managing your service parts planning operations. You’ll have comprehensive support to improve multi-echelon planning across your organization. You can accurately forecast demand and employ life cycle profiles to predict both fast and slow-moving products. And you can take the guesswork out of inventory management. Gazelle helps you match inventory investments to service goals. Complete supply chain visibility enables you to streamline complex processes so you can focus on high-impact opportunities. Enhancing warehouse and transportation efficiencies, you can increase first-time fill rates and on-time deliveries as you increase customer loyalty. Gazelle planning can transform your after sales service and support operations from a cost center to a key profit center and source of strategic advantage.

• Simultaneously forecast, replenish, and redistribute your parts
• Improve service parts planner productivity
• More accurately forecast your service parts
• Account for intermittent, seasonal, and fast-moving demand patterns
• Forecast a large number of parts
• Leverage composite forecasting
• Optimize the replenishment of parts across the extended service network
• Minimize inventory and purchasing costs and out of stock impacts
• Consider key service planning constraints
• Plan for parts with different replenishment methods in a single plan
• Collaborate with suppliers
• Centralize procurement across your Manufacturing and Service Operations
• Plan for maintenance of your enterprise assets
• Out-of-the-box integration with service execution
• Design your most profitable service supply chain
• Make better decisions with integrated analytics

System Functions:
• Service parts planning workbench with integrated forecasting and replenishment planning to efficiently support service parts planners
• Unique capabilities to support high volume forecasting and replenishment
• Key forecasting methods that support the complex range of demand patterns inherent in service parts planning
• Support for part condition to represent returns and refurbishment
• Support for part condition and part supersession
• Returns forecasts to predict the flow of repairable product back into the supply chain
• Automatically minimize new buys
• Plan for life time buys
• Auto-release rules to automatically release planning recommendations to service execution

• A single solution for spare part forecasting, replenishment and inventory management
• Reduce cost and minimize new buy inventory
• Transform your service organizatio

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