Transport Optimization

Transportation Optimization enables users to model their entire supply chain network, incorporating alternate transportation options and key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters. Users can identify an optimal transportation plan based on the total costs and service constraints.

System Functions:
• Automates the planning of complex shipments and real-world situations
• Utilizes leading optimization routines and heuristics to produce optimal transportation scenarios
• Utilizes actual carrier capacity
• Generates executable shipments through capture and enforcement of actual constraints
• Supports the dynamic re-optimization of existing loads
• Includes business intelligence capabilities for analysis and reporting
• Challenge legacy transportation networks
• Determine lowest overall landed cost
• Identify optimal mode mix
• Measure all constraints for most efficient routings
• Identify efficient multi-stop vehicle routes while optimizing fleet size
• Create multi-stop routes that include pickups and deliveries interleaved throughout route to minimize costs
• Identify efficient schedules while balancing shipments across time periods
• Identify hub and zone skipping opportunities
• Determine optimal number of transportation assets and containers and positioning
• Determine if outbound customer shipments should move through a hub, and if so, which location is optimal
• Fleet selection
• Route plan / schedule
• Determine optimal private fleet size
• Utilize optimization parameter to identify how many assets are needed to run optimal routes
• Minimize private fleet and 3PL carrier assets
• Consider which carriers to use in addition to private fleet
• Identify optimal asset mix within fleet

• 10-30% reduction in transport cost
• 30% savings increase
• 2% inventory reduction
• 10% carbon footprint reduction
• Increased on-time deliveries
• Increases transportation efficiency.
• Reduces freight cost
• Define efficient routes
• Model asset utilization
• Optimize mix and model
• Reduce landed cost
• Determine facility footprint
• Simulate service levels

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