Warehouse Management

LookAhead- Warehouse Management System enables companies to maximize their utilization of labor, space and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Specifically designed to support the needs of distribution, manufacturing, and service businesses, LookAhead-WMS provides a single-platform across your entire global supply chain.

System Functions:
• Optimization of capacity and materials flow by proper utilization of storage units in warehouse.
• Monitoring of stocks in hand as well as in different storage area of warehouse.
• Whether bin is occupied or empty.
• Show the material and also from how many days material is lying.
• Through WMS we can know the actual % of occupied and empty space in warehouse.
• In WMS we can create multiple location like high rack, bulk storage, block storage, picking area.
• Generation of material requisition – transfer orders.
• We can take reprint of transfer order at any time.
• Can manage complex warehouse structure
• Store organization and mapping
• Online assignment of pick orders to pickers and real time status to the supervisor of each pick list
• Picking and packing – simultaneously…!!
• Physical stock verification and intra warehouse transfers
• System records date, time, name of the operator, truck number, LR number and mode of dispatch

• Optimize warehouse activity
• Increase in trace and track ability of materials in W/H
• Increase in efficiency
• Increase in accuracy
• Reduce customer complain and improved customer service
• 100% accurate identification of items
• Implementation of FIFO/LIFO
• On-line inventory status
• Process driven system
• Increased inventory control
• Improved space utilization
• Increased operator productivity
• Improved management controls
• Improved time management
• Reduced inventory carrying costs

• 100% accurate identification of spares
• Quick location and retrieval of parts
• System should not hamper speed of actions
• Ease-of-use for unskilled personnel
• Reduction in Inventory holding costs
• Integration into other systems, to avoid duplicate data entry
• Under High pressure during dispatches

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