Oracle WMS

Oracle- Warehouse Management (WMS) enables companies to maximize their utilization of labor, space and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Specifically designed to support the needs of distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service businesses, Oracle WMS provides a single-platform across your entire global supply chain.

System Functions:
• Mobile RF-based execution user interfaces
• Personalize mobile transaction forms
• Integration to material handling equipment and directed voice picking
• RFID-enabled
♦Inbound Logistics:
• Dock management
• Planned cross docking
• Opportunistic cross docking
• Standard and ASN-based receiving
• Returns processing
• Quality inspection
• Rules-based directed put away
♦Inventory Control:
• Multi-level license plates
• Lot, sublot, serial and revision control
• Dual unit of measure control
• Material attribute tracking
• Material status & holds
• Lot and/or serial genealogy for product recall
• Consigned and vendor managed inventory
• Cycle Counting
• Physical Inventory
• Min-Max Replenishment
• Forward Pick Replenishment
• Pull Replenishment
• Push Replenishment
• Kanban Replenishment
• PAR Replenishment
♦Task Management:
• Labor Management
• Rules-based task dispatching and product allocation
• Cartonization, guided consolidation and packing
• Automated task prioritization & re-prioritization
• Contingent warehouse workers
♦Outbound Logistics:
• Wave planning
• Multiple pick methods
• Rules-based directed picking
• Packing and containerization
• Consolidation, staging, and truck loading
• Advanced Ship Notice generation
• Dock Management
♦Value Added Services:
• Compliance Labeling
• Compliance with UCC, EAN and other GTIN product labeling standards
• Kitting/de-kitting
• Multi-level Bills of Material
♦Logistics Service Provider Support:
• Client management
• Activity based billing

• Increase on-time shipments
• Improve shipment accuracy
• Reduce fulfillment costs
• Lower labor costs
• Decrease overtime
• Improve inventory visibility
• Increase inventory accuracy
• Improve warehouse space utilization
• Optimize warehouse activity
• Increase in trace and track ability of materials in W/H
• Reduce customer complain and improved customer service
• 100% accurate identification of items
• Increased operator productivity
• Improved management controls
• Reduced inventory carrying costs

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